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Welcome to Lake Minnewawa Association
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Thank you for your support this year!
The purpose of the lake Minnewawa Association is to promote lake stewardship by providing education and services about controlling pollution, beautification, water safety and clear passage.  In general, it is dedicated to maintaining and improving the natural resources of Lake Minnewawa by educating, creating, promoting and implementing methods of improving and preserving the overall condition of the lake. 

Harvester Update
April 24, 2015

The road to our new harvester, arriving in early June has been one that spans a number of years and has required the vision and contributions of many. The story is an inspiring one of how a lake community came together making what once seemed unreachable a reality.  
(Think of this version of the story as the abbreviated version. We are sure there are other important parts to share and we encourage you to send you additions. )

 So where did it all begin? In late 2011 Pat Rath as a member of the LMA board introduced the possibility of establishing a Lake Improvement District (LID) to then president Greg Pfeifer. At that time, it was the first considered in Aitkin County. The idea was then presented to the board who all embraced the concept. Throughout 2012, countless hours were spent by the board members (and their families) working to garner support from the lake community. The vote to pass the LID in October 2013 provided a needed funding source to support the purchase of a new harvester and the start to the serious part of our journey. 

At our annual meeting in 2014, there was still hesitation to undertake such a large commitment. It was at that time that Emil and Jana Borg offered a sizeable donation of $50K, as a down payment that would make the financing needed for the remainder of the purchase price manageable.  
Seeing that the purchase of a new harvester was in reach, Dale Kratochwill - VP of the LMA board took on the complex tasks of researching options and presenting those along with financial implications to the Harvester sub-committee. He also maintained his role as the primary point of contact with Aquarius on behalf of the LMA facilitating the purchasing process. He relied heavily on John Montour, who manages our harvester operations, for thoughts on what would be important in the new machine. 

 Realizing that any additional funds would only help improve our position in making this sizable purchase, Beverly Rath volunteered to lead a capital campaign to the membership. As a result of her efforts, donations in excess of $24K have been raised to be applied to the purchase of our harvester.  
The outpouring of support from our membership has been overwhelming and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated (time and funds) to make the purchase of a new harvester for Lake Minnewawa a reality. It really goes to show that when a community comes together, the seemingly impossible becomes reality. 

2015 Summer Events

​Visit our Upcoming Events page for a complete listing

Mark your calendars for these exciting events happening on Lake Minnewawa this summer.  Check back on our site often and follow us on Facebook for updates and changes throughout the season.  

5/2 – Shamrock Cleanup Days
5/8 - AIS Inspections Begin
5/9 – Walleye Fishing Opener
5/16 – LMA Board Meeting @ 9am & Highway Cleanup @10:30am

TBD –Walleye Stocking by DNR
5/19 – Classroom workshop stabilization of eroding shorelines in Garrison

6/01- Start of Weed Harvesting Season 
6/13 – Board Meeting 9am 
TBD – New Harvester Delivery
6/20 - Rivers and Lakes Fair 9am-2pm Aitkin High School
TBD - Annual Kids Fishing Day on Minnewawa
6/29 – Field Workshop at Big Sandy Restorative Plantings

Walleye Stocking - 2015
For the fifth consecutive year, the MN DNR made a trip to Lake Minnewawa to continue our walleye stocking program. 

Lake Minnewawa has been working with the DNR to help rebuild the walleye population on the lake.  Each year nearly 2 million walleye fry have been introduced into our lake. 

According to the DNR website, most lakes that are stocked receive an average of 1,000 fry or 1 pound of fingerlings per littoral acre (a surface acre that is less than 15 feet deep). To come up with specific stocking levels and rates, fisheries managers consider a wide range of factors. These include walleye growth rate, survival, and mortality; lake type, forage base, and amount of natural reproduction; and public demand for stocking.